The motivation to strive for innovation is the key element to Southern California's Peter Paul Swiatkowski's overall approach towards Seraph Recordings. Founded in 2009, Seraph Recordings was curiosity and passion at it's brightest; An outlet to produce and engineer the material of local friends and musicians in hopes to forward each venture within their respective scenes. Owner/Producer/Engineer Peter Swiatkowski, presently twenty five years of age, still holds and practices those virtues and is known by many as a credit to his dedication to each and every project undertaken. As of recently, Peter Swiatkowski has taken a step down from a full-time touring schedule to hone his knowledge behind the board, his creative ear, and intuitive nature towards his client's needs and requests. Peter Swiatkowski's reputation for concrete editing, mixing, mastering, and sample building are quickly becoming widely notable, generating much interest internationally as well as domestically. Swiatkowski has been approached by many clients to assist alongside known producers and engineers to help complete numerous projects. Seraph Recording's endless dedication bound by it's passion for innovation will not see it or it's projects slowing down anytime soon.

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